Shapper is a cloud solution accessible through your web browser, enabling:

  • Creation of native mobile applications for smartphones and tablets iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android, accessible from their respective app stores
  • Choice of graphic design
  • Choice of features
  • Real-time content management

Thanks to Shapper, having and managing your own mobile application has never been easier.

Personalise your app

Define your graphic design interface


With Shapper you can customise the look & feel of the application:

  • Navigation, title, menu, button, button bar, list, text box, map marker, and so on.
  • Your logo
  • Colours, background, shading, etc.
  • Fonts and sizing
  • Icons, cell size
  • Interactive graphics

Through the visualisation model, you can choose the display mode of each screen: List, Grid, Banner and the visuals of your App.

Manage your App with no need for programming knowledge

The user-friendliness of the Shapper back office makes it easy to manage features:

  • Define the configuration of one or more applications
  • Change app navigation at any time.
  • Define screen types & content through a text formatting editor and visual appearance parameters
  • Create and schedule push campaigns
  • Etc.

Manage the navigation and content for all screens

Via the Shapper back office, build the navigation and content of your App via different types of screen:

  • headings which gather several types of content together (pages, documents, images, web pages, and so on)
  • generic pages to display formatted text alongside an illustration
  • events: date & time, place, type of activity, and so on
  • geolocated data (points of interest) with an address and a GPS point on a map
  • membership directories
  • PDF files, videos (via youtube)
  • jpg or png images (full screen display)
  • forms with data fields
  • “web pages” to display the content of a website
  • aliases pointing to existing content in the application or in another Shapper application

On each page, tools may be accessed via a configurable button bar:

  • Call a phone number
  • Write an email
  • Link to a website
  • Location with journey planner
  • Share on social networks
  • Customised actions towards
    • a database
    • one or more PDF files, videos, illustrations, a directory, etc.
    • a form with data fields

Targeted Push notifications

Inform and alert your users

Push notifications are a feature which sends a text message related to an application, even when the application is not open. The server pushes information and alerts to terminals that have the application installed.

Push notifications can work in combination with, or as an alternative to, SMS message campaigns.

Push is useful for informing users of an upcoming event or announcement, or to create an alert.

Push campaigns 

With Shapper, you can easily create push campaigns via the back office, to send information to mobile users who have the app installed and have authorised notifications.
A push campaign is characterised by a message, and one or more mailing lists whose recipients are defined by selected criteria. You can opt for immediate or delayed (scheduled) sending.

Target notifications 

To make sure the right information gets to the right person, you can create targeted mailing lists for sending push notifications.
Indeed, managing your mobile users can allow you to define mailing lists based on:

  • mobile users, and groups of mobile users
  • the profile data of mobile users

Content notification 

Once you have created content via the back office, you can programme a push notification to be sent once the content has been saved.
Mobile users will receive a notification with the title of the content. By clicking on this notification, the application will launch and situate the user directly on the targeted page. This function enables you to alert users, and inform them about new content

Create your own customised forms

Surveys, Bookings, Meeting Reports, Audit Control, Quotes, and so on

Shapper allows you to create and use forms to collect information (text, single- or multiple-choice list, date, time, digital, tickboxes, photos, digital signatures, GPS positioning, and so on).

Mobile users can enter data that will be stored, to be accessed and sent via email:

  • Contact form, containing information requests
  • Booking form (restaurant, hotel, etc.)
  • Registration form
  • Incident report form with photo capture
  • Record of response or activity with the digital signature of the beneficiary
  • Survey and satisfaction questionnaire

Data can be exported to excel for processing

Manage your user communities

Personalise content and access for each user

With Shapper, we offer targeted services for identified mobile users, such as the employees of a company, members of an association, or different types of interest group

With Shapper you can create applications with fully accessible (public) content, which can be partially accessible or totally private, via authentication.

Sign-up, groups and profiles

Shapper allows registration of mobile users from the App or the back office (creation or import via CSV file). You can define profile information at will to better qualify your mobile users (interests/hobbies, region, date of birth, food preferences, etc.).

You can assign mobile users to one or more groups. Groups allow you to create directories, manage permissions for protected content, and define push notification mailing lists

 Public, protected and private content

From groups of mobile users, you can define the content and services that are (or are not) accessible to different mobile users. From the back office you choose public content, protected (visible access points, content accessible only after identification) and private (access points not visible without identification).

In this way, with groups of mobile users, you can define targets for all content and functions.

Boost interaction with proximity sensors

Géofencing , Beacons, QR Code

Beacons / iBeacons
The Beacon communicates in Bluetooth with smartphones within a few meters away. With Shapper, detection of a Beacon allows notification for:

  • displaying a message and a specific illustration
  • displaying a screen containing content from the app

With the back office, you can define actions when each beacon is detected. The app, when near a beacon, triggers the display for example:

  • of information, or a promotional activity
  • of adapted content in front of a work of art in a museum, or near a monument
  • of clues, during a treasure hunt or discovery tour

QR Code
Shapper generates a QR Code for each piece of content. This QR Code, displayed on panels or documents, allows the mobile user – who scans it from the app – to directly access its content. For generic scanners this QR Code allows access to the store for installation of the app

qr code


On the same principle as the Beacons, Shapper offers mobile users the right message in the right place.
By defining geographical areas in the back office, Shapper allows the application to trigger a notification upon entry of these areas:

  • displaying a message and a specific illustration
  • displaying a screen containing content from the app

Connect your information system and website

Interoperable with external data sources and websites

Shapper offers configurable webservices connectors (json) allowing:

  • integration of data into the application from a website or third-party information system.
  • to collect the data entered into the personalised forms in the application to feed into databases or third-party information systems.