Shapper is a ‘cloud’ solution with an administrative interface (or back office) accessible from a web browser, allowing:

  • creation of native mobile applications for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android smartphones, accessible from their respective app stores, and private stores
  • Choice of graphic design features to allow full customisation of the application
  • the choice of features offered in the application
  • management of content and services in real time
  • interoperability allowing exchange of information between the app and external data sources

Shapper provides you with a visually-rich, high-functionality mobile application which is simple and quick to use and pilot.

Personalize your App

Define your graphic display

With Shapper you can easily customise the look & feel of the application:

  • Navigation, title, menu, button, button bar, list, text box, map marker, …
  • Your logo
  • Colors, background, shading, etc.
  • Fonts and sizing, etc.
  • Icons, cell size, etc.
  • Interactive graphic pages

Through visualization models, you can choose the display mode and the visuals of each screen: List, Grid, Banner, Cardview, Calendar Mode, …


Create screens with a strong graphic identity

Through the ‘Graphic View‘ feature, the creator of the application can create design-rich visuals to stand out from other applications.

This feature allows you to design and personalise your app by creating a unique home screen, visually intuitive menu screens, or quite simply, visually stunning screens.

A powerful graphic design editor integrated into the back office makes for smooth implementation, enabling design of screens perfectly adapted to the mobile constraints. The only limit is your imagination!

  • Adaptable templates provide for a wide choice of screen layouts
  • Choice of desired resolution for each screen type
  • Adding customised zones with texts, videos, images, and so on.
  • Links may also be included which refer back to the app content
  • Carousel-style display of images or content of a section of the application (latest news, events, and so on)
  • Customised addition of widgets (weather, open-data sources, etc)

Manage your App without programming knowledge

Manage your app with a dedicated back office

The user-friendly design of the web administration interface (back office) makes it possible to manage the functions of the application very easily:

  • Define the configuration of one or more applications
  • Change your app navigation at any time
  • Graphic design for screens
  • Define screen type & content through a text formatting editor and a range of visual appearance parameters
  • Create multi-screen input forms
  • Create and schedule push campaigns
  • Many other possibilities

Manage the navigation and content of your app

Via the Shapper back office, build the navigation and content of your app via different types of screen:

  • Folder Containing several types of content (pages, documents, images, web pages, …)
  • pages to display formatted text with illustrations
  • events: date & time, place, type of activity, …
  • geolocated data (points of interest) with an address and a GPS location on a map. Panorama Visualization with augmented reality
  • members directories
  • PDF files, videos (via youtube)
  • .jpg or .png images (full screen display)
  • forms with data fields
  • “web pages” to display the content of a website
  • aliases pointing to existing content in the application or in another Shapper application

On each page, tools can be accessed via a configurable button bar (telephone call, send mail, link to a website, geolocation with suggested route, share to social network)


Interstitials and advertising banners

Ad campaigns can be created to display interstitials at the app startup or banners at the top/bottom of the app’s pages. Through various display parameters (frequency, duration, redirection) the administrator can also offer event communication, announcement, advertising, in the form of images, videos or integration of advertising management. Interstitials can also serve as tutorials when launching the application for the first time.


Multi-roles functionality makes it possible to differentiate the roles of the back office administrators by attributing or withholding administrative rights. For example, certain administrators can be defined as responsible for managing certain content, others for managing data entry forms, etc.

Connectors to external data sources

Shapper offers customisable connectors (JSON webservices, RSS feeds, among others) to interface with third-party information systems, websites (Web CMS) or external data sources, to provide content for the app. Shapper also provides APIs to provide third-party systems with information entered or produced in the app by mobile users.

Federate your community of mobile users

Shapper enables you to offer targeted services for identified mobile users, such as the employees of a company, members of an association, or those with a common interest.
With Shapper you can create applications with fully accessible (public), partly accessible, or totally private content, accessible only via authentication.



Sign-up, groups and profiles

Shapper allows registration of mobile users via the app or the back office (through creation/import of a CSV file)

Decide yourself which profile information you want to collect to better qualify your mobile users (interests/hobbies, region, date of birth, food preferences, etc.)

Mobile users can be assigned to one or more groups. Creation of such groups allow you to create directories, manage permissions for protected content, define mailing lists for push notifications

Shapper can also incorporate mobile users management via outsourced third- party directories (OpenID, Web CMS, Facebook connect)

A powerful import tool allows you to manage the creation and modification of user lists by choosing which data is to be imported, even data taken from the user profile information.


Public, protected, limited and private content

Once groups have been created, you can define the content and services that are (or are not) accessible to different mobile users. The back office allows you to choose whether content is public, protected (access visible but content available only after authentication), limited (display of the first x words of a content before authentication) and private (not visible without authentication).

Creation of groups of mobile users allows you to target some content and functions.

Chat: Instant Messaging

Facilitate dialogue with mobile users by adding a chat room function. Users can create and follow multiple discussions with one or more of their fellow users to instantly exchange text and photos. If the application is not open, a push notification informs the recipient that there is a new message.

The administrator can create different chat rooms, accessible to various groups of mobile users and for each chat room, groups of mobile users can be contacted.

Encourage interactivity by using forms

Customised forms

Shapper enables the creation and use of forms to collect information (text, single or multi-choice list, date, time, numerical, check box, photos, code scanner (bar or QR code), digital signature, geolocated postal address, GPS position, …). Forms can be displayed over several pages with descriptions and illustrations.

Mobile users can thus input their information which will be stored for access or to be sent by email:

  • Contact form, request for information
  • Reservation form for services (hotel, restaurant, etc.), equipment, conference/meeting rooms, …
  • Forms to communicate problems or anomalies, with picture and geolocation
  • Intervention or activity report, with a digital signature from the parties concerned
  • Form for signing off an inventory or inspection report, with pictures
  • Quotation with built-in calculations
  • Questionnaires, quizzes, games
  • Surveys, Satisfaction, questionnaires, Evaluation forms
  • Suggestion or opinion forms
  • Check-lists to follow for procedures or audits
  • Geolocated and time-logged activities (commencement of work, access to a certain stage of proceedings, etc.)
  • Document ‘scanning’ through pictures …

Shapper offers administrators numerous possibilities to create and tailor specific forms:

  • Text formatting (buttons, error messages, …). Single-response forms. Redirection to in-app contents after form has been validated
  • Replies sent via e-mail: Mailing list addressees, filtered recipients according to form field values, …
  • Definition of type of response required, and the appropriate response field (mandatory, minimum/maximum number of characters, free comments etc.)
  • Conditional display of form fields according to values entered for other fields
  • Display of data by script programming using values from other fields of the form
  • Choose whether the mobile user can view the history of their different form responses
  • Enable a “draft” mode so that users can save their responses on the form before sending or confirming



Manage processes and information flows with forms

With Shapper forms, administrators can define processes involving multiple stakeholders: input fields can be reserved for managers to enter information retrospectively from the back office (status of a request, assignment of a tracking number, …). Similarly, some forms may allow the user to repeatedly edit already validated response data, logged via with a versioning system.

formulaire mobile

Using the data from the responses

From the back office, it is possible to view the responses in various different types of display: tables, card, maps with response locations pinpointed, pivot tables. Advanced search allows you to select specific answers with precision. In addition to sending by e-mail and viewing responses via the back office, it is also possible to export data via csv-Excel files.

In addition, an API with secure webservices is provided to retrieve form responses, in real time or after filtering.

Notifications and alerts via push notification

Push notification is the sending of a text message related to an application even when it is not open. It is therefore the server that pushes information and alerts to terminals that have installed the
application. It is an alternative, or complementary to the possibilities of SMS push notifications. Push is useful for reporting an upcoming event, announcement or alert.

Push campaigns

With Shapper, you can easily create push campaigns
via the back office, to send information to mobile users
who have installed the app and who have authorized push notifications.
A push campaign is defined by a message, the redirection target screen when clicking on the message, or a targeted mailing list. You can opt for immediate or delayed (scheduled) sending.

push notification
push notification

Target notifications

In order to bring the right information to the right person, you can build targeted mailing lists for sending push notifications.
Indeed, with the management of mobile users, you can define mailing lists based on:

  • mobile users, groups of mobile users
  • profile data of mobile users

Content notification

Whilst creating content via the back office, you can schedule a push notification to be sent. Mobile users will receive a notification with the title of the content for direct access. By clicking on this notification, the application will launch and send the user directly to the targeted landing page.

Boost your sales

Online shop

Shapper offers an online shop module enabling:

  • Creation of catalogs and products with various options (color, size, type of baking for dishes, etc).
  • Product suggestions, lists of favorite products
  • Saveable shopping cart. Orders according to several modes: Eat in, Takeaway (click & collect), Delivery, Booking, …
  • Promotional management: One-off or universal coupon, single-use coupon, period & frequency of promotional activity (sales, happy-hour), etc.
  • History and order tracking for mobile user and e- retailer
  • Confirmation, cancellation or follow-up of order via push notification
  • Web-based real-time order tracking display
  • Secure payment options via credit card or in-app payment

Loyalty card

Shapper can incorporate a loyalty card feature to offer discounts, promotions or gifts, with several different ways of acquiring points:

  • Purchase from online shop, validation form (game, etc.)
  •  Sponsorship of mobile users
  • QR Code Scan, RFID chip

Marketing activity

With the mobile application, you can develop marketing activities to encourage buying: targeted push promotions, offers, contests with entry forms, opinions, comments, …

Application mobile boucherie de venelles

Add an interactivity with proximity


Shapper has a beacon feature which communicates via Bluetooth with smartphones within a few meters of distance. With Shapper, detection of a beacon triggers a notification to display a message or
content from the app.

With the back office, you can define what action should happen when each beacon is detected. When near a beacon, the app triggers a display, for example:

  • an element of information, or a promotional activity
  • relevant content in front of a work of art in a museum, or near a monument
  • clues for a discovery trail

QR Code

Shapper generates a QR Code for each piece of content. This QR Code, displayed on panels or documents, allows the mobile user – who scans it from the app – to access content directly.

qr code

Augmented reality

With augmented reality, Shapper allows points of interest to be visualized in panorama format, as if on an orientation table. While sites are being filmed, the points of interest are embedded on the screen.



On the same principle as the Beacons, Shapper can provide mobile users with the right message at the right time. By defining geographical zones in the back office, Shapper allows the application to trigger a notification upon entry or exit of such a zone.

  • display a specific message and illustration
  • display the screen of an App content
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