The mobile Application for your Community

Create a mobile Application for your Municipality, Department, Region, Territory (Park, Community, …)

  • Offer targeted and contextualized information.
  • Promote your local heritage to citizens and tourists
  • Reinforce the proximity with your members
  • Create a dynamic by developing citizen interactivity
  • Share customized information in a differentiated way to the different partners of the territory

Some non-exhaustive examples :

  • Territory presentation
  • News
  • Presentation/explanation sheet of a place, of a monument
  • Heritage Discovery Trail
  • Treasure hunt on the territory
  • Directory of public places, points of interest, shops, associations, …
  • Display of Routes (on foot, by car)
  • Agenda of events, demonstrations, …
  • Customizable forms :
    • information request forms
    • appointment request
    • survey
  • Problem and anomaly reporting (with photo taking and geolocation)
  • Availability of PDF documents (Fact sheet, Newsletter, Cerfa, …)
    • Sending Notifications :
    • Information, Event
    • Alerts, Warnings
    • ….
  • Partner space to offer differentiated content and notifications
  • Private space via identification
  • Multimedia data (photos, videos, …)
  • QR Code generation (for panels, documents, …) to facilitate access to the App and its content
  • Interaction with Beacon or GPS positioning, to notify and display proximity information (place, monument, …)
  • Sharing with social networks
  • Bookmark management.
  • Search engine

Offer the inhabitants and tourists of your territory innovative services with a dedicated mobile application. Offer the right information at the right time, in the right place. Highlight your territory’s heritage, culture, crafts and prerogatives. With Shapper, the implementation is simple, you are totally autonomous to manage your mobile application by adding, modifying content and services according to the context and needs.


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