The mobile application for your company

Create a mobile Application for your Company

  • Provide services to your customers, employees and optimize the flow of information
  • Offer targeted and contextualized information.
  • Promote your company to mobile users.
  • Optimize data exchanges between employees
  • Structure and dematerialize your processes
  • Simplify and secure your communication

Some non-exhaustive examples :

  • Introduction of the company
  • Communicate with your employees, customers, partners, by sending adapted content
  • Activity sheets, Products, Technical Documentation
  • Location(s) with display of Routes (on foot, by car)
  • News, Agenda for appointments, events, …
  • Manage private spaces with protected access to content and functionalities for each user group (Business Units, customers, prospects, partners, etc.).
  • Edit forms with geolocation, digital signature, photo capture, code scanning, calculated data, etc. :
    • Contact form, information request, reporting form
    • Report of intervention, of activity, of inventory of fixtures, Quotation
    • Quizzes, Games, …
    • Satisfaction survey, suggestions survey
    • Procedure checklist, audit report
    • Geolocated and time-stamped actions (taking up a position, accessing a stage, etc.)
    • Taking a photo of a document, etc.
  • Organize information flows: Work flow, versioning, display and conditional recipients
  • Consult and process the collected information: PDF/Excel format, by email or via Webservice connectors.
  • Provision of documents in PDF format (Information sheet, Catalogue, Descriptions, Notices, Regulations, …)
  • Profile your users and target your push notifications.
    • Information, Menu of the day,
    • Events, Meetings
  • Inform your customers, employees and partners according to their preferences.
  • Automatically retrieve content from your websites or business data sources
  • Exchange your documents: estimates, reports, catalogues, etc. to simplify the process, reduce errors and delays.
  • Multimedia data (photos, texts, videos, …)
  • QR Code generation (shelves, documents, …) to facilitate access to the App and its content
  • Interaction with Beacon or GPS Positioning, to notify and display proximity information (place of interest, targeted content with position, …)
  • Add an online shop for products, services, rentals, etc. with secure payment (CB, in-App)
  • Integrate a contingency planning system with an agenda and details for employees
  • Strengthen communication and speed up decision making
  • Bring agility, reduce turnaround times and solve business problems
  • Improve the perceived image of your company and the satisfaction of your employees and customers.
  • Sharing with social networks
  • Bookmark management.
  • Search engine

Offer your employees and/or customers innovative services with a dedicated mobile application. Offer the right information at the right time, at the right place.  With Shapper, the implementation is simple, you are totally autonomous to manage your mobile application by adding, modifying content and services according to the context and needs.


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