NC/LC App : Create mobile application in the company


The ubiquity of mobile terminals such as smartphones and tablets on the one hand, and the advent of broadband telecoms on the other, are helping to transform the contours of companies’ information systems.

To complete the range of software applications on the computer or on a web browser, business mobile applications now provide adequate answers to the huge needs in terms of roaming and collaboration.

But mobile application development projects can be more problematic than software or web development projects, due in part to the lack of skills in this area.

Platforms for creating applications without programming knowledge are changing the game. They are called NC/LC Apps, meaning “No-Code/Low-Code” Apps, which are attracting increasing attention and interest from the company’s business units.

This type of solution has raised legitimate questions with ISDs, particularly in terms of security and performance, which have sometimes been a pretext for maintaining their power over their sacrosanct citadel. Today, some groundbreaking CIOs see NC/LC Apps as a double opportunity:

  • Fostering better cooperation between IT and business lines based on a pragmatic approach.
  • Free up development budgets and resources (in-house or subcontracted) for other “custom” application projects.

Because these NC/LC platforms for application creation offer

  • speed of implementation,
  • an agility of adaptation according to the ground returns,
  • lower investment and operating costs,
  • a competitive advantage in terms of productivity and quality of service.

This is notably what the Shapper solution, designed by Synertic teams, offers. Shapper allows you to create and administer a native mobile application for iOS and Android in just a few clicks and without any programming knowledge.

In addition to benefiting from a range of features dedicated to mobile applications (geolocation, photo capture, push notification, etc.), the applications can interface with business data sources to bring information to business users anywhere, anytime.

But Shapper is an NC/LC solution that goes further on two aspects :

  • set up a detailed authorization strategy, to offer functions and services to different authorized user profiles such as sales representatives, technicians, department heads, directors, etc…
  • offer users the possibility to produce or enter information in a roaming situation through customizable forms or forms with standard data but also with calculated data, geolocalized positioning, photo taking, code scanning, digital signature, …

The information thus recovered can be sent to the company by various
e-mail, dedicated back office, file export, push notification,
secure webservice connectors to feed the company’s information system, etc…

Thus, these mobile applications accessible on a smartphone or tablet can be
used for example to reserve resources, make an intervention report, carry
out a quality control, draw up an estimate, run a checklist, report anomalies,
encourage feedback, provide information for an evaluation or a survey,
validate a geolocalised action, etc…

In conclusion, associating uses, interoperability and security are the main foundations that guided the design of the Shapper solution. This approach allows Shapper to be a scalable “No Code/Low Code” solution, adopted by large accounts as well as SMEs and VSEs to extend their information systems.