This mobile application is created by EDF, and aims to be used by teams internally.

The EDF app


The application “EDF” provides an internal toolbox:

  • With an “Experience” part: with the eligible restaurants, rated by the members, “tips and tricks”, good tips
  • With a “News” part: news DCR MED but also EDF SA
  • With a part “Practical infos”: with the contacts of sites, the plans access, agenda of the DCR MED, the permanence, the useful phone numbers (taxis, opinions …)
  • With a part “Entertainment”: with quizzes, polls, classifieds …
  • With a legal part, personal profile info etc …



targetTargets: Employees
content managementProvide information: Photos, videos, PDFs, push notifications
mobile users User Identification: Private Spaces, Registration, Profile Management
form Entry form (reservation …)