This application is intended for buyers, engineers and technicians wishing to save time in their operations.

It is a simple and intuitive tool. It quickly determines the references of the most common products in industrial and mobile hydraulics.
The process is simple. In 3 steps, the application offers the possibility to access a product reference. Whether for standard or custom lanterns and couplings, clamps or immersion heaters.

When the selection is complete your selection, the application automatically displays the product reference. All you need to do is contact EDH by email or phone for pricing and availability.

The application currently lists 3 flagship products and a unit conversion tool. It will be fed as and when. The application also converts units for its prospects or customers.

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The EDH app


The application “EDH” provides:

Tools to determine product references in industrial and mobile hydraulics

  • Lantern and mating
  • Fixing collar
  • immersion

A tool for converting multiple units:

  • Pressure (bar, psi, mpa)
  • Power (hp, kW, kcal / h)
  • Temperature (° C, ° F, ° K)
  • Flow rate (L / min, cm3 / s, in3 / min)
  • Vitesse (km / h, m / s, in / min)
  • Length (mm, inch, ft)

A contact part



targetTargets: Prospects, customers
content managementProvide Information: PDF Files
mobile users User Identification: Private Spaces, Registration, Profile Management
form Input form (determination of product references, converter, contact …): With script function