GO 2018  : This is the largest economic event in Aix Marseille organized by  Medinsoft , which brings together all the partners  of Aix-Marseille French Tech , as well as many business leaders with more than 2,000 people present.

This is the moment when start-ups, small businesses, SMEs, and also big local groups meet in a mythical place, in the heart of the Panier.

A regional concentration of innovation and digitization.


The GO18 app


The application “GO18” created especially for the evening provides:

  • The possibility of buying tickets to attend the event
  • Practical information (hours, location, parking, routes …)
  • A tool to take photos during the evening and send them directly to the organizers
  • A contest with 5 ballots (business card form, scan QR codes of different colors, three quizzes) with a draw at the end of the evening
  • Directory of partners of the evening with the possibility of contacting them directly from the app
  • A contact form



targetTargets: Everyone
content managementProvide information: Photos, geolocated maps, push notifications
form Input form (Quiz, contact …): With photos, code scan

Other features: Ticketing, directory of partners