La Banque à Bulles

La Banque à Bulles is the first place of the Aisne at the doors of Paris dedicated to Champagnes in an exceptional space of 600m2 of the former Banque de France.

There is a restaurant with traditional cuisine based mainly on fresh seasonal produce, a champagne bar, a show stage and a champagne shop (with private tasting room).


La Banque à Bulles app


The application “la Banque à Bulles” provides:

  • The ability to order at the table from the tablet (appetizers, dishes, desserts, drinks …) -> It postpones the orders on a screen in the kitchen
  • A screen at the bar, allowing the restaurant to display the addition of a table
  • The possibility of reserving one’s place for an event
  • The news of the restaurant and the news of the day



targetTargets: Customers
content managementProvide information: Photos, push notifications
form Entry form (reservation, order of dishes …)