One Vote – L’Oréal Talent

“When we create a product or experience, our heart beats faster because we know we are doing something important to win the hearts and minds of another billion people.”

The purpose of this application is to allow candidates and managers to vote directly via mobile during organized recruitment sessions.

Each registered his 3 favorite votes. This new system aims to make the recruitment process faster and more efficient.

This mobile application called “business”, enters a dynamic digitalization of internal processes, such as recruitment.

The One Vote app – L’Oreal Talent


The application “One Vote” provides:

  • A form to allow candidates to vote for their favorite managers
  • A form to allow managers to vote for their favorite candidates
  • A schedule of the different interviews
  • A lexicon put in place by the company, to facilitate understanding of the issues



targetTargets: Managers, candidates
content managementProvide Information: PDF Files
mobile users User identification: Private Spaces
form Input form (evaluation of interviews …)