Ville d’Orange

This application has been specially designed for the inhabitants of the city of Orange.

She answers several questions: What is the meal of the children in the canteen? Where to find a parking space? What is the number of the municipal police? Where is the pharmacy on duty? What are the schedules of the museum, media library or transport? The application aims to make life easier for its citizens.

L’Orangeoise offers a variety of customizable services, alerts on topics of interest to residents, geolocated information. The application also offers the news of the city as well as the calendar of events.


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The L’Orangeoise app


The application “L’Orangeoise” provides:

  • News and calendars of the city in real time
  • Geolocation and route calculations from your location
  • Geolocation of municipal infrastructures
  • Social networks of the city
  • Access to canteen menus
  • The ability to call emergency numbers, municipal services …
  • Surveys



cibleTargets: Residents, members, partners
gestion contenuProvide information: Videos, PDFs, location-based maps, push notifications
mobinautes User Identification: Private Spaces, Registration, Profile Management
formulaire Entry form (poll, report …): With photos taken